CELO Fastclip Klimaproof®

CELO FastClip Klimaproof®: the fastest solution for fixing solar panels

CELO Fastclip Klimaproof®

CELO, COFME’s specialist in fixing systems, offers FastClip Klimaproof®, the fixing kit for solar panels that speeds up assembly and reduces time and costs in photovoltaic installations.

Photovoltaic installations have become commonplace and widespread as an essential part of the energy transformation. CELO, in tune with this, offers Fastclip Klimaproof® kits to the market. These kits provide an easy, fast and installable fixing system for solar panels even without tools, based on FastClip solar clips and Klimaproof® coating.

Each FastClip solar clip is attached on one side to the solar panel frame and on the other side to the profile section installed on the supporting corrugated metal sheet.

The KlimaProof® coating ensures total resistance to corrosion thanks to over 1000 h. in a salt spray chamber. The design of the kits is anti-theft, which provides an important added value to each assembly. CELO offers for these solutions a general warranty of 25 years, and 10 years for installations in areas less than 5 km from the coast.

The kits are composed of FastClip solar clips, profile sections with a special die-cutting, and bimetal screws with EDPM washers. The profile sections contain the EPDM gasket with adhesive, to prefix and optimize the installation. The reference 9MGLS2P incorporates 150mm profile sections, and the reference GLS2P30 300mm profile sections. Each kit allows the installation of two solar panels on a corrugated sheet metal roof.

The COFME Group consists of six Spanish leading manufacturers in the field of electrical equipment: CELO, DAISALUX, SACI, SODECA, SOFAMEL and SOLERA.



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