COFME grows in the global market in the third quarter

COFME grows in the global market in the third quarter.

COFME extends its sales to 120 countries in the third quarter of 2016, strengthening its penetration rate in the global market.

EU, North America, Central America, the Middle East, Australia and the Asian region especially China and India, have experienced annual growth in exports in the third quarter of 2016. The balance between the European / UK Union and the rest of the world remains favorable to the latter, confirming the trend observed in the previous quarter.

On the other hand, the COFME companies have registered annual billing increases of more than 30% in several countries: Austria Algeria, Colombia, Cuba, Finland, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Singapore, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United States and Uruguay.

The COFME Group consists of eight Spanish leading manufacturers in the field of electrical equipment: APOLO, DAISALUX, EGI, FERMAX, SACI, SALICRU, SODECA and SOFAMEL.



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