COFME: joint commitment to reducing its carbon footprint - Cofme

COFME: joint commitment to reducing its carbon footprint

COFME: working together to reduce its carbon footprint

COFME strengthens its alliance with a new initiative aimed at sustainable economic activity, in line with corporate social responsibility.

Sensitivity to global warming is part of COFME’s commitment to CSR. It is well known that global warming is a consequence of the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, nitrogen oxides, ozone and chlorofluorocarbons. That is why COFME companies are jointly promoting the implementation of carbon footprint calculation through a specific working group in the field of sustainability.

The carbon footprint is the amount of GHG emissions produced directly or indirectly by individuals, organizations, events or products. Therefore, it allows calculating the environmental impact with the aim of reducing and offsetting it, generating a virtuous cycle of sustainable economic activity.

The COFME Group consists of seven Spanish leading manufacturers in the field of electrical equipment: CELO, DAISALUX, SACI, SALICRU, SODECA, SOFAMEL and SOLERA.



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