Export records for COFME due to an outstanding activity in 2018

COFME: two new export records in 2018

COFME export records

The result for 2018 reflects excellent data, with two new milestones for activity in the global market.

Sales records for the recent financial year 2018 show exports to 128 countries, a first milestone in COFME’s activity, which already extends to 20 years. More than 50% of turnover corresponds to countries outside the EU. The most significant regions are, by billing order: EU-27, Middle East, North Africa, LATAM and Asia.

In all regions there were increases in turnover with respect to the previous year, reaching a second milestone with export sales of more than 62M€.

The COFME Group consists of eight Spanish leading manufacturers in the field of electrical equipment: CELO-APOLO, DAISALUX, FERMAX, SACI, SALICRU, SODECA, SOFAMEL and SOLERA.



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