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Door Entry & Access Control Systems


We manufacture and develop audio and video door entry systems, access control systems and integrated smart homes solutions for both residential and commercial use.

The way we define our projects is a comprehensive vision which leads to integrated communications and security solutions in building developments, making it possible to install a common infrastructure.

We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of video door entry systems, telephones and panels to satisfy  both the simplest and the most complex needs, including basic and advanced functions. Our solutions are at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, always based on the products designed to combine the durability and the touch of distinction.

We have taken the evolution path to networkable and multi-application products in the door entry system range, in order to keep the pace of serving the global market needs in a continuously evolving world that is always looking for a closed interconnection.

Our solutions in door entry systems are in the core of reference projects all over the world:

  • Palm Jumeirah (Dubai, UAE), One57 (New York, USA),
  • Etihad Towers (Abu Dhabi, UAE),
  • Le Nouvel KLCC (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia),
  • One The Elephant (London, UK) among many others.

Product range

The door entry solutions for individual residences and businesses include video and audio access control kits. Each door entry kit includes all the necessary elements to carry out a complete installation. Video and audio kits offer different alternatives for outdoor panels and monitors, which combine the optimal functionality with the aesthetic design.

Our video kits are sets composed by:

  • an outdoor panel
  • flush box (flush mount models)
  • a monitor
  • a power supply
  • connection elements

There are variants for 2-wire or 5-wire technologies, flush or surface mount, different monitor sizes touchscreen or keyboard-built. They also include hands free or handset models and some variants are compatible with surveillance systems.

On the other hand, our audio kits are flush mount sets composed by:

  • an outdoor panel
  • flush box
  • a telephone
  • a power supply
  • a connection set

There are variants for 2 or 4+N wire technologies.  We also offer a choice of a hands free or a handset model.

Our Door Entry Solutions for Buildings include four different approaches suitable for different project needs. Every solution offers different alternatives for outdoor panels and monitors, which combine the optimal functionality with the most aesthetic design.

It is recommended for small/medium-sized installations. It uses 4 wires common to the whole installation plus 1 call wire per apartment, i.e. 4+N cables, where N is the number of apartments. The amplifier includes volume potentiometer both for the outdoor and the indoor audio signal, to adjust the optimal volume. It is the most economic and basic door entry solution. Capacity only limited by the number N of wires and a maximum of 7 accesses and a guard unit.

It is an audio and video door entry system with few wires and capacity for an average number of apartments. It is easy to install, as it does not require call wires, simplifying the wiring of the system. It has a capacity for 199 apartments, 2 accesses and 1 central guard unit.

It is an audio and video door entry system whose flexible IP addressing facilitates the management of the network structure and allows the integration of elevator control, alarm systems and access control. It is easy to install and maintain and its control system does not require any central server, so it is very reliable. Suitable for projects of thousands of apartments (up to 9899 per block). The system is based on two outdoor panels with touch capacitive keypad or robust mechanical keypad, two monitors (7” and 10”) for indoors and a guard unit. Its HD video and digital audio signals provide high quality communication. Capacity for 9899 apartments, 99 accesses and 99 master guard units (each one can have 5 slaves).

Technological and innovative leap compared to other door entry systems. It is the audio and video door entry system with more capacities in the market. The transmission of the signal (audio, video and data) is completely digital, increasing the equipment capacity and robustness against any noise and interferences.

Some Top Charatceristics of a Full Digital 2-Wire Door Entry System:

  • For application in projects with a very high number of apartments (up to 1 million apartments, 10 outdoor panels and 10 guard units in the general entrance).
  • Built-in voice guided programming system in outdoor panels.
  • Graphical User Interface in monitors. It has minimum wiring as it only requires two non-polarized wires, so it has a simple and fast installation without the possibility of errors.
  • It is very versatile to admit all type of connections (star, cascade, distribution) and cables (UTP CAT5, 5-wire, parallel, 4+N).
  • It simplifies the installation structure as it does not require distributors or switchers.

It is an audio and video door entry system that offers unlimited possibilities in terms of number of apartments, accesses and distances. For projects needing a complex door entry solution: with thousands of apartments and thousands of panels that support complex installation processes.

  • Two versions: with or without central unit.
  • Capacity: 9,999 homes.
  • Central unit variant: 32 Accesses,
  • 1,020 access control users.
  • Up to 63 central units connected.
  • Variant without central unit: 5 accesses and a guard unit.

An electric door lock release basically consists of an electrical strike and a shield or case, depending on the installation system (flush mounted or surface). Our door lock releases can be configured in 4 different door lock operation modes. The normal operation mode allows door opening while the lock is powered. On the other hand, the inverted operation mode allows door opening while power to the lock release is off. The third mode is the automatic operation mode which enables door opening with a short electric pulse. The last type is the lock release which is automatically blocked when the door is closed again.

Stand-alone access control solution

An access control device (keypad, proximity reader, fingerprint reader, or a combination of the later ones), that can be installed both in the interior and exterior, is integrated in door entry panels to enable the neighbors to access to the protected area without keys.

Centralized access control solution

An access control device (keypad, proximity reader, fingerprint reader, or a combination of the later ones), that can be installed both in the interior and exterior, is connected to a central device that manages both system and users. This central device connects directly (RS-485) or remotely (IP) to the PC running the software for the programming of the installation. These systems feature advanced functions such as:

  • anti-pass back,
  • timekeeping control,
  • capacity limitations,
  • activation of devices from readers,
  • incident log in real time or offline,
  • automation, etc.

Systems to manage various access points are also available, including a sitemap, and additional functionalities such as computation of user hours, personnel presence and remote access control.



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