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Emergency Lighting


We develop and manufacture a full range of emergency lighting products including luminaires, beacons and signaling devices for use in buildings and large infrastructures.

Emergency lighting has undergone progressive changes since the beginnings of its use as a security installation decades ago. The advancement of technology and standards, greater experience and the promotion of LED technology together with the development of optics, have allowed, among other aspects, a reduction in consumption, greater respect for the environment, the application of more integrating design concepts and greater safety.

Our evolution is made under the premise of innovation, and has a permanent commitment to quality. Our solutions mix functional, technical and aesthetic considerations that define each of our products. The objective is to solve, in a versatile and harmonized way, the needs of architects, engineers and decorators, anywhere in the world.

Our projects are of special relevance in several sectors and locations:

  • Barcelona Airport (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Museo del Prado (Madrid, Spain)
  • Isozaki Atea Towers (Bilbao, Spain)
  • Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao, Spain)
  • London University (London, UK)
  • Paris Airport (Paris, France)
  • Institute for Urban Development (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Product Range

In case the mains voltage fall below 70% of its nominal value, these standalone emergency luminaires switch the energy source to its own batteries. This leads to a direct safety improvement, being a key advantage in any emergencies.

Luminaires specifically designed for standalone or centralized beaconing applications. They complement emergency lighting standard applications and they can be used as courtesy lights.

In case the mains voltage fall below 70% of its nominal value, high-power self-contained floodlights light up. Its spotlights can be oriented, illuminating large surface areas.

These devices are designed to provide optimal uniformity of lighting for different observation distances.

A fluorescent, PL or halogen luminaire can be converted into a stand-alone emergency luminaire via a charger/converter kit. Explosion-proof kits allow the luminaire to be fitted into enclosures designed for this function.

Centralized emergency units ensure a power supply both when the mains is connected and when it is disconnected. When the mains is connected, the batteries are being recharged in order to anticipate any emergency. In addition to the emergency lighting, its application extends to the supply of centralized beacons, lifts and refrigerating chambers, emergency supply of relays, alarms, electro-valves, etc.

Control systems allow autonomous emergency units to be switched on and off. They are also used for functional testing.

They have the same format as the stand-alone emergency luminaires. They are used as conventional luminaires that can be switched on and off at will when the mains is connected. They are also used for signaling or in emergency lighting systems with centralized battery pack.

They are specialized flashlights ensuring the most efficient lighting thanks to its halogen lamps. Include Ni Cd batteries to ensure mobility and the proper operation time.



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