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We manufacture and develop the most widespread low and medium voltage elements that can be found in any residence, commercial building or industrial facility: electrical enclosures & mechanisms. We offer the user the control of interruption and passage of current through the widest assortment of maneuvers elements and their enclosures, as well as small complementary electrical material.

All these elements are manufactured with the most innovative technology and comply with the highest quality standards demanded by the global market. Internationally recognized certifications guarantee the quality of these products.

Our international presence is manifested through projects such as the City of Arts & Science (Valencia, Spain), T4 Barajas Airport (Madrid, Spain), the Santiago Underground (Santiago, Chile), or the Riu hotels in Cancun (Mexico) and Ahungalla (Sri Lanka), among other reference examples.

Product range

Our range of cabinets, distribution boxes, junction boxes and connector housings satisfies all residential and commercial applications. We offer enclosures in both metal and halogen-free thermoplastic materials, depending on the application; we offer alternatives for surface mounting, flush mounting or drywall. We have enclosures with different degrees of water-tightness, with IP protection up to IP65, and also for specific installations such as pre-installation boxes for air conditioning.

Our industrial enclosures offer huge space for wiring, with capacity to house a great amount of connection modules. They have knock out type sides and drill base to adapt to any installation need and offer the suitable IP protection in any application. We offer distribution boxes in multiple sizes, as well as wired boxes, wired cabinets and linkable boxes. All these elements comply with the strictest standards for application in industrial environments. We complete this family of products with a wide series of plugs and sockets, either for aerial, flush or surface mount, as well as special reeled cable extensions.

We offer modular circuit breakers which guarantee safe electrical installations in the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors. Miniature circuit breakers, residual current breakers, surge protections, magneto-thermic blocks or fuse holders are examples of these devices.

Together with these ones, this family of products include complementary products. Modular motor protections which prevent overload, phase or symmetrical faults and short-circuits. Contactors, used for installation in consumer units for lighting, all type of pumps, air conditioning or electrical heating to assure a long life of the associated devices. Measuring devices, like meters to quantify the electric consumption, time switches to program weekly or daily the operation of a heating, ventilation or lighting installation are also available. Finally, a set of pushbuttons and selection switches complements this family of products.

Cable plugs and sockets, adaptors, outlet power strips, cable extensions, in-cord and floor foot switches, lamp holders and outdoor lamps provide a wide range of elements to cover all the needs of residential applications regarding small electric material.

Our switches and sockets series include elements for flush installation in solid walls and general use, switches for surface fitting, indoor or outdoor installation and high IP protection level. This fact allows to cover all the applications regarding electric switching in residential and commercial environments.

We offer wrap-around general use cable trunking or mini trunking; auto-adhesive low-profile solutions to install on the floor, or open slot trunking for conducting wiring in electrical closets.

Our wide range of accessories complements the range of enclosures & mechanisms with nylon ties, cable connection elements, fixing elements, fuses and insulation tapes, providing a complete solution to any installation project.



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