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Fixing Technologies


We develop and manufacture products in the field of Fixing Technologies for the construction sector and related activities such as:

  • electrical
  • sanitary & plumbing
  • ventilation & HVAC
  • wood & furniture
  • aluminum and PVC windows
  • locksmith
  • construction & wood structures
  • facades & roofing
  • insulation and ETICS
  • tunnels and railroads

The aim of all our fixing solutions is to minimize the assembly and fixing time, saving operation costs in all the projects of our customers. This is achieved with state-of-the-art innovative products, and personalized services.

Contact with our customers is a must for us and has become a common practice also in construction sector. By visiting construction sites and talking to our customers, we help them with calculations and provide the optimum solutions of fixing anchors and support systems. This makes possible the most effective way to show the benefits of our portfolio of fixing technology solutions. In turn, we obtain key information about the needs of the market to proceed to improve our current solutions in Fixing Technologies, or introduce innovations accordingly.

We have a referral set of global projects based on our fixings, as the FC Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium (Barcelona, Spain), the Security Forces Medical Center (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), Sochi Olympic Games Premises (Sochi, Russian Federation) or the Georges Pompidou Hospital (Paris, France) among many other projects.

Product range

Fixings in construction sector require a wide range of specific elements for all types of materials. We supply fasteners to meet this demand. Plastic, nylon or metallic plugs, fixings for pre-frames, for plasterboards, for insulation boards, etc. We also offer special fixings for sanitary elements like radiators, heaters, cisterns, etc.

In order to fix heavy loads on materials such as concrete, it is necessary to have elements of maximum reliability. We offer these solutions through our metal anchors, which guarantee maximum resistance and facilitate rapid installation. The versatility of our offer includes anchors for direct fixing to concrete, expansive, reinforced, etc. for the most diverse applications.

In order to vary the depth of the fastening or the capacity to fix in the proximity of edges, the chemical fastening is the adequate solution, since it does not exert expansion effort. Chemical or adhesion fastening is based on the idea of fixing a screwed rod or corrugated bar from metal to concrete or masonry. Our solutions respond to both concrete and masonry applications through injection of resins of different types or chemical capsules and through the necessary accessories to ensure proper installation: injection guns, resin mixers, or blower pumps to clean dust, great enemy of resin, from the holes made with the drill.

Our fast-drying and highly resistant adhesives and sealants enable the fixing of elements such as tiles, wood, polystyrene or plastic to construction surfaces under conditions of difficult adhesion, for example on wet surfaces and even under water. The bond obtained has advanced characteristics such as high resistance to vibration or temperature after hardening, both indoors and outdoors. Some variants of these adhesives simultaneously have the condition of sealants.

We offer specialized screw types that optimally complement our fixing elements to guarantee a complete solution to all installations.

Fixing of heating pipes, drainage pipes, PVC downpipes, pipe coils, installation of parallel pipes, metallic copper or steel pipes, PVC pipes or flexible pipes are many examples for which our fixing elements offer optimal solutions that guarantee a quick and simple installation.  Our plastic clamps offer a great variety of applications in sanitary projects, electrical heating, for the subjection of sheathed tubes and electrical wiring. Applications requiring higher resistance lead to metal clamps and where sound insulation is a requirement for installation should be used isophonic clamps, where we also offer a variety of options.

We also offer a wide range of fixing clips, either plastic or metallic, which offer the ideal support when increased tensile strength is required in tubes to be fixed to the different constructive surfaces.

We complete this family of products with cable and tube ties which permit to apply the most suitable and refined solution to the mentioned applications.

We offer the right drill bits and screw tips for our fixing elements so that you have these accessories together with the main elements of our fixings systems product catalogue.

Our Gas Nailers and Accessories product range allows you to drive two nails per second into concrete, beam, block and stone with very little effort. It incorporates a depth regulator to adapt to the hardness of the material to be drilled. You can shoot more than 15 different types of accessories. We offer different models for wall and floor or ceiling operation. The biggest benefit is the fact that our accessories ensure a perfect user experience.



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