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We manufacture and develop a range of devices for metering and control of electric energy efficiency.

We offer customer-oriented solutions for metering and control in the application fields of power generation, transmission and distribution, from the generation point to the end consumer, including all types of industries and especially for the market of electric utilities.

We ensure the excellence in all of our production processes using the latest technology and the more strict certifications, with our customer quality requirements always in mind.

We are in the core of referral international projects: Sochi Olympic Games (Sochi, Russian Federation), King Abdulaziz International Airport (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) or the Upper Egypt Regional Control Center SCADA System, among many others.

Product range

Through our network analyzers is possible to carry out the metering of the most important and complete set of magnitudes associated with the electrical networks, such as current, voltage, energy, power, maximum electric demand, frequency, harmonic RMS, total harmonic distortion (THD), etc.

RS485 serial communication bus has lower sensitivity to interference and noise and can cover longer distances than RS232 serial bus. In industrial applications in which control equipment have RS232 interface outputs, it is necessary to connect an RS232 to RS485 converter module to implement a suitable connection to the metering devices. Our solution is composed by DIN rail converters, from single module solutions to several built-in conversion modules. We offer also a RS485 repeater, to increase the communication distance or the maximum recommended number of terminals.

Measurement transducers are used in the industrial environments for the measurement of electrical parameters, and conversion of these parameters into electrical signals suitable for PLCs or indicators. Our transducers are intended for measurement of active power, reactive power, phase angle, direct or alternating current, direct or alternating voltage. We have variants for analog or digital outputs and also programmable-microprocessor controlled units.

Our electricity meters supply the measurement of energy (kWh) with the maximum accuracy, while being European MID certified. We have single phase or three phase solutions, one or two counters, LCD display and even a combination of an electricity meter and a network analyzer, offering a complete set of measurements: voltage, current, active and reactive power, power factor, frequency, active and reactive energy. They are DIN rail electric energy meters, but this category includes also an electro-mechanic panel-mounting counter and static billing meters for three-phase connections.

Our digital solution for single-phase and three-phase AC systems includes multi meters, voltmeters and ammeters, frequency meters, phase angle meters and active and reactive power meters. Configurable instruments such as ammeters or voltmeters are available, and for DIN rail or panel mounting, multi-scale instruments, multi-range instruments, or instruments incorporating in the same module 2 or 3 meters. In DC applications we also have programmable indicators for connection to transducer outputs.

Our analog solution includes an extensive range of instruments for single-phase and three-phase AC systems including ammeters, voltmeters, active and reactive power meters, frequency and phase angle meters, maximum demand ammeters and also special meters for vehicles, resistant to vibration and shock. In DC systems we have ammeters and voltmeters. In addition, there is a range of non-electrical magnitude indicators for connection to transducer outputs.

Our current transformers (CT) are divided in measuring CT and protection CT. In measuring CT, the secondary current is proportional to the primary one and is used for metering purposes, network analyzers or energy meters, and bearing an overcurrent up to 5 times the nominal one. Our protection CT are capable to bear an overcurrent up to 20 times the nominal one, being used in supply protection relays, in electric sub-stations or in transformer stations.

Our reactive power regulators measure the power factor in the AC system and manage a capacitive connection to correct it when it has a low value, thus improving the efficiency of the distribution system to which it is connected, and preventing energy losses.



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