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Power Systems


We develop and manufacture power systems for the protection of industrial, professional and domestic installations from the problems caused by incidents in the electrical supply.

Our solutions warrant energy availability with the highest level of quality and reliability, ensuring emergency power for customer’s systems in case of failure of the input power source or mains. This leads to an optimum energy availability and advanced protection of technological equipment through innovative solutions to specific customer needs. Our usual action fields consist of sensitive and critical environments such as:

  • data centers
  • IT networks
  • financial services
  • industrial processes
  • telecommunications and infrastructure centers

Our product portfolio also includes a wide range of solutions for the protection of electricity supply in small businesses and homes.

We are in the core of  the international projects. Our solutions at the moment include:

  • high-performance UPS units in the European Space Astronomy Centre (Madrid, Spain)
  • stabilization and protection of the input voltage in repeater transmission systems of Angola Telecom
  • the protection of the rail track signaling and switch systems of the Cairo-Alexandria line in Egypt

Product range

Our Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) store energy in rechargeable batteries that can transform DC into AC, ensuring the continuity of AC supply. We offer two UPS types. First type: UPS systems only activated when the equipment is not receiving electrical current. Second type: UPS systems connected to the mains, and feeding the customer’s system permanently, whether the electrical network is failing or operating correctly.

The need for reduced energy consumption and adaptation to load conditions makes it necessary to regulate the speed of motors used in industrial processes and installations. Our variable frequency drives control the rotating speed of machinery and motors, ensuring the above mentioned requirements for any application driven by asynchronous motors in the range 0.2kW to 500kW.

Fixed and mobile communications networks, broadband access networks, data networks and other telecommunications applications require the highest quality in DC power systems, to ensure uninterrupted operation. Our DC power systems meet the above requirements and are modular, allowing for easy expansion. DC critical loads require quality and reliability only achieved by elements such as our industrial battery rectifiers/chargers. Our DC/AC converters provide quality alternating power from a DC power source (usually batteries) for the most varied industrial applications, guaranteeing high performance, low THD and high stability.

Voltage stabilizers counteract supply voltage fluctuations in the current electrical environment. These fluctuations are due to the variation of the loads connected to the electrical network, failures in the distribution lines, voltage drops due to the distance of the lines and atmospheric discharges, affecting especially to the loads very sensitive to these disturbances. Our stabilizers of quick response time and high precision, both for single-phase and three-phase networks, give answer to these problems, ensuring a stable output voltage against the fluctuating input voltage.

Its main function is to adjust the level of voltage coming from the distribution network, adapting it to that required by the different applications of the final electrical consumer, be they industrial, commercial or residential. They are also used as electrical insulation to reduce network disturbances, to supply devices that need circuit separation and to provide a safety voltage at sites that require it. Autotransformers are used in industry for the connection of all types of machinery, as well as in high-speed railway systems and motor starting systems. Our transformers and auto-transformers give an optimal answer to all these needs and are designed following the most demanding technical criteria and tested using the most modern technologies. They are used in different types of industry, construction, energy technology and marine applications.


In the regulation of public lighting, optimized maintenance leads to obvious and significant economic advantages. On the other hand, the current monitoring and control requirements of these systems have become much more demanding. This requires more and better remote maintenance and monitoring tools, which ensure tangible improvements in terms of energy savings. Our lighting flow dimmer-stabilizers meet these needs and are developed to provide an optimal control and management of any street lighting system, rationalizing light levels to control the electrical consumption, and making possible the implementation of a suitable maintenance and remote maintenance of the installations.



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