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We manufacture and design with a high degree of specialization to offer optimal solutions to the various applications of electrical safety & connection.

Up-to-date equipment, highly qualified personnel and advanced calibration systems allow us to achieve a high degree of specialization in products satisfying the highest demands of any international project.

The Mouwasat Hospital (Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia) and the Security Forces Medical Center in Riyadh and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) are two remarkable projects for which we have provided cable lug related solutions in the field of electrical safety & connection.

Product range: safety

Safety begins with personal protective equipment. Some examples of our protection range are:

  • dielectric gloves, with transport boxes and pneumatic testers
  • harnesses and belts
  • anchorage accessories
  • helmets
  • faceplates for voltaic arches
  • hearing protectors
  • self-filtering gas masks
  • life lines

In order to isolate the operator from the electrical network under intervention, we offer a series of elements that complement personal protection, such as benches, insulating carpet tiles or hoods and profiles for temporary insulation of conductors.

We have different variants in insulation pole models: general maneuvering, telescopic, connectable, multi-use…They are made of polyester and fiberglass tube with humidity-proof seals on each end, hand protectors, one or more deflecting hoods, one or several connectable sections or telescopic, up to 11.8 meters length.

They cover various applications: there are fuse disconnecting poles, poles to rescue victims from danger zones or insulating poles for discharging capacitors with a grounding system.

Our insulating poles also have a varied collection of accessories: maneuvering hooks, life-saving hooks, reel-holding hooks or adapters for medium-voltage detectors to be fixed to maneuvering poles with a universal head.

Its main objective is the protection of the worker against accidental start-up or return of voltage during repair or maintenance interventions. They are applicable to overhead lines, substations, electrical panels, grounding potential lowwering equipment, railway system catenaries, etc. They have a wide range of accessories. Variants for high, medium or low voltage applications.

Devices for low, medium or high voltage applications, with optical or acoustic indication, for catenaries, bipolar with multi meter function (phase comparator, fuse tester, voltage meter of true RMS, network analyzer).

There are also personal omnidirectional electric field detectors for medium voltage applications. When the operator approaches an elevated electric field and exceeds a certain distance, the detector emits an acoustic danger signal.

In the event of an electrical accident, rapid intervention is essential. Our first aid and prevention sets contain all the necessary elements centralized in a single place, accessible to all users for quick intervention in case of need. To cover mobility requirements, we offer equivalent solutions in transportable boxes, and a wide variety of first aid elements, such as reanimators, first aid kits, artificial respiration pipettes, dismountable stretchers, shoes to move around the site of the accident isolating from the ground, etc.

Signaling is a first-rate safety measure in hazardous environments. To cover it, we offer safety padlocks, lock covers for push buttons, wiring day signal beacons for aircraft warning and prevention of accidents, anti-collision devices for birds, and all types of signaling elements: signs and indications in polycarbonate or PVC, tapes and chains for signaling work areas, banners and standards, hanging signs or extensible fences.

For access to elevated areas where there is a risk of electric shock, we have a range of fiberglass insulated ladders compliant with EN relevant standards. They include adaptable models with two operation forms: scissor or extendable with two sections.

Product range: connection

Copper cable lugs are used to terminate the ends of electrical cable so they can be connected to other electrical equipment, such as bus bars and electric motors. Cable lugs are highly conductive and can handle very high currents. Our cable Lugs are connectors made of two parts: a flat element with a hole for bolt that secures connector to the conductor and a cylindrical element where the cable is crimped.

Our cable splices are similar to cable lugs, but only have a cylindrical element with an inner wall that separates both ends. They are mono or bi-metallic, being used to connect two similar or different cables, depending on the material of which the cables are made.

Both our cable lugs and joints are made of electrolytic copper with a tin-plated surface finish to provide the best electrical contact.

These terminals, for working with aluminum equipment and bus bars, are manufactured in high purity aluminum alloy, and have a tinned surface finish that improves the quality of the electrical contact.

Bimetallic connectors have become the ideal solution for integrating copper and aluminum equipment, bus bars and cables, guaranteeing conductivity and avoiding galvanic coupling and oxidation. Being usable in both copper and aluminum electrical installations, they ensure a versatile response to the needs of any installation.

Our bimetallic terminals are manufactured in high purity aluminum alloy and forged copper. Neutral grease in the part of the aluminum hole avoids the oxidation of this end of the terminal.

The derivation clamps, with or without screws, are made of aluminum alloy and have a great variety of applications in the cases in which the current derivation is necessary, offering a fast and safe installation.

Manufactured in brass with a copper or tin-plated surface finish to improve electrical contact, our split-bolt connectors facilitate the best electrical connection by mechanical pressure.

We offer grounding tools made of calibrated steel with an electrolytic copper surface treatment that ensures the best conductivity.

To complete this application, our earth connection clamps are made of brass with galvanized steel rings or steel screws. The thickness of the mechanical pressure elements ensures a safe and durable electrical connection to the cable.

Screw terminals are made of brass with galvanized steel screws and clamps. They include variants with different orientations, which can provide ideal solutions for installations where the location of the connection requires versatility.

Bimetallic terminals are made of brass with a tinned surface finish to improve electrical contact. We offer application solutions in electrical panels or in situations where high temperature resistance is required.

These terminals, ideal for connections in switchboards, junction boxes or splices, are made of self-extinguishing polyamide in compliance with the CE directives. Either connectable individual terminals or strips of several elements are available, depending on the application.

Our polypropylene connection strips enable a quick separation of its elements thanks to a design which allows an easy breakage, saving valuable operation time.

Our terminals are made of electrolytic copper capillary tube with a tin-plated silver finish to improve electrical contact. The insulating part is made of polypropylene (PP), with design variants adapted to general use or specific use in electrical panels.

Pre-insulated terminals are made of electrolytic copper strap and PVC insulation. They incorporate an inner bushing that provides greater safety to withstand possible mechanical vibrations.

Our fasteners offer versatile solutions for situations requiring fast installation (self-adhesive fixings), high strength (screw fixings), manufacture of clamps (stainless steel strips) and plugs for cable tie fixing or wall application.

They have excellent insulation, airtight seal, and resistance against impact and abrasion. They are used in low-voltage electrical connection applications and provide excellent mechanical protection. They offer kit variants incorporating multi-voltage metal joints for better contact and mechanical protection.

Piercing connectors with saw blades and tin-plated finish, tying clamps for connections and clamps for overhead or connections complete the families of connection elements, offering a complete solution for these applications.

We have a wide range of specialized tools which complements in an optimal manner the family of connection elements and optimize the installation procedure. Our cable cutters, crimping tools, wire and cable strippers, and hydraulic and electro-hydraulic tools make possible a precise, easy and quick installation.



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