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We design and manufacture industrial fans and its accessories for industrial and commercial applications. We offer the most suitable ventilation solutions for the design of your projects, through the personalized advice of specialized professionals and a great productive flexibility that allows to reduce delivery times and execution costs.

From our European Research Centre we control both the products and the manufacturing processes, guaranteeing the highest quality requirements and compliance with ISO and AMCA standards. We use high technology for the balancing of our fans, with brushless industrial motors, IE3 or reluctant variants, which exceed the ErP 2015 directives. We also adapt to the markets that require motorizations at 60 Hz.

We have developed project support tools. Through downloadable applications, our customers can get complete technical reports in minutes, saving design time. We work in sync with our customers all over the world to guarantee the success of their projects.

We have stood out for years for offering ventilation solutions and smoke evacuation systems in the event of fires in numerous emblematic buildings at an international level. Some of the most representative international projects are the ventilation systems of the Tatweer Company petroleum refinery in Bahrain, the luxury residential complex Deluxia Suites and Palace (Istanbul, Turkey) or the large warehouse of more than 300,000 m2 of the company Amazon in Prague, Czech Republic.

Our extensive catalogue of fans and extractors equipped with high technology, allows maximum adaptation to the technical requirements of any project.

Product range

These are our solutions for air extraction and renewal ducts that need to intercalate fans. They provide a low noise level and facilitate their assembly and access. Their variants are adapted to rectangular or circular ducts, with self-extinguishing plastic enclosures or anticorrosive galvanized sheet steel, and with low noise level variants or to work with high temperatures.

They are fans in which both the motor and the blades are mounted directly on the shaft, generating a current of air parallel to it. Its main advantage is the power. In general, they are suitable for moving large flows at medium or low pressures. Our axial fans are applied to a wide variety of situations: high IP protection requirements for the fan motor, high mechanical resistance, wall mounting or portable equipment, use in extreme conditions in wood or ceramic kilns, long range jet fan systems for tunnels or car parks, etc.

In centrifugal fans, the air is driven by a turbine that sucks it through the shaft and expels it through its blades with a 90º deviation from the turbine shaft. Depending on the type of blade they are applied to different requirements of pressure (high, medium or low) and flow. We offer a very wide coverage in applications for centrifugal fans, with units for different requirements of pressure, range, sound insulation, suction type, corrosion resistance or high energy efficiency.

In the event of a fire in an industrial, commercial or residential building, smoke extraction is essential to facilitate evacuation, protect the structure of the building and facilitate access to firefighting equipment. Our smoke extractors and fans are optimally designed to meet the highest demands of this application and are certified by independent laboratories.

They allow the extraction of stale air in buildings or the extraction of smoke in case of fire according to current regulations. They use automated subsystems of hermetic motorized gates. Their design follows the latest technology and is certified according to its application for F-400ºC/2h or F-300ºC/2h.

Pressurization systems protect escape routes such as corridors, staircases, elevators and lobbies against smoke ingress. Our systems react to door openings or air leaks by creating an overpressure by increasing airflow, so that these escape routes keep the air clean and breathable in emergency situations.

Our ATEX certified units respond to a very strict specific design to avoid the risk of explosion in installations with explosive atmospheres. They are based on an anti-spark fan driven by an electric motor and comply with the most demanding standards, such as:

  • Directive 2014/34/EU
  • USA NEC 500
  • Canada NEC 505
  • International IECEx

Our heavy duty fans are designed to meet the highest demands of industrial applications such as conditioning systems, furnaces, boilers, gas purifiers, cement plants, ATEX, etc. Its manufacturing process follows the strictest quality protocols to achieve the highest mechanical robustness and allow work in high temperature conditions.

Our roof fans can be adapted to any construction and are the optimum solution for every air extraction system. They offer solutions from residential applications to commercial buildings with the highest demands: sound level, constant pressure control, high flow rates, high energy efficiency or adaptation according to the inclination of the roof.

New trends in ventilation are aimed at preserving the environment and saving energy. Our efficient ventilation solutions are based on fans with high-tech motors that enable high energy savings as well as high efficiency. They also use electronic speed variators to adjust to the flow demand. Its wide range of accessories for working together with the speed variators allows to control temperature, humidity, CO2 or pressure of the installation.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) is the key to guaranteeing air quality, the absence of humidity and improving the comfort and health of the occupants of single-family or collective residences. The CMV renews the air either by maintaining a constant and permanent flow, or by varying the flow according to the humidity rate, or by varying the flow according to sensor readings. Our solutions for residential applications are based on CMV and offer different variants, from simple implementation to the most complex using heat recovery units for maximum reduction of energy consumption.

The heat recovery units transfer heat from the stale air extraction circuit to the external clean air supply circuit, reducing the demand for air conditioning and energy consumption. Our heat recovery units cover residential domestic applications as well as commercial applications with higher efficiency requirements, following the strictest regulations.

To solve the air quality problem in buildings, our filtration units combine a series of high- efficiency air treatment modules that suppress pollutant particles and allow the recovery of clean air from stale air in buildings. We offer a wide variety of filtration units for domestic, residential, commercial and industrial applications.



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