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SACI introduces its revolutionary MTA36 Network Analyzer

Network Analyzer MTA36

SACI,  COFME’s specialist in Metering, launches the new MTA36 network analyzer, a revolutionary device with the widest measurement capacity and maximum ease of installation.

Power distribution networks require increasingly better devices in both measurement and communication capabilities. Aware of this, SACI, with the experience accumulated over several decades in the design and manufacture of meters, launches its new MTA36 analyzer, available for both single-phase and three-phase networks.

The direct cost reduction is the first benefit of this analyzer, as it includes the functions of current transformer and network analyzer in the same device. Its communication possibilities allow working both on RS-485 bus with Modbus-RTU protocol, and through wireless communication and LoRa protocol. This last option allows a simpler and cheaper installation without cables.

Also, its design as an open-core transformer is aimed at greatly facilitating its installation, which means time savings.

The versatility of the MTA36 is another key benefit, as it measures a wide range of electrical variables: voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, energy, harmonic components, maximum demand, average values, maximum and minimum values, etc.

The COFME Group consists of eight Spanish leading manufacturers in the field of electrical equipment: CELO, DAISALUX, FERMAX, SACI, SALICRU, SODECA, SOFAMEL and SOLERA.



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