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SACI: optimal analyzer for photovoltaic plants

SACI: optimal analyzer for photovoltaic plants.

SACI, COFME’s specialist in measurement and control, presents the ASM3-PV network analyzer, ideal for connection to inverters in photovoltaic plants.

The design of the ASM3-PV network analyzer gives it enormous versatility, since it allows the calculation and measurement of multiple electrical variables such as voltage, current, frequency, power, energy, etc. It is the ideal solution for connection to inverters in photovoltaic plants, as it can directly measure up to 1000V phase-to-phase.

The ASM3-PV operates over a wide temperature range: -20/70°C for operation and -30/80°C for storage. From the mechanical and chemical point of view, hardness and resistance are benefits of its ABS plastic enclosure, UI94 V0. It also offers a degree of protection against dust and liquids IP65 on the front panel and IP20 on the body. It uses fixed strips as terminals and is lightweight, weighing only 0.4 kg.

The huge growth of the photovoltaic self-consumption market in the recent years is an opportunity for energy efficiency, which needs proper management with accurate data on energy generated and consumption. SACI, with its ASM3-PV analyzer is ready to take on this challenge.

The COFME Group consists of seven Spanish leading manufacturers in the field of electrical equipment: CELO, DAISALUX, SACI, SALICRU, SODECA, SOFAMEL and SOLERA.



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