SALICRU, the winnwe of PremiosEC2017 from Electroclub

SALICRU, the best in Premios EC 2017

Nimbus IoT GPRS from Salicru

SALICRU, specialist of the COFME Group in Power Systems, has been the winner of the Premios EC 2017 organized by Electroclub, with its geolocation device Nimbus IoT GPRS.

As part of the digital transformation process, Geolocation has enabled applications as effective as tracking logistical assets, for example vehicle fleets. On the other hand, Internet of Things (IoT) connects Internet with all kinds of devices, so that you can access relevant data whose management makes our daily and professional life easier.

The combination of Geolocation and IoT is materialized in the new product of SALICRU Nimbus IoT GPRS, an autonomous geolocator of low power consumption, designed to transmit data from any fixed or mobile environment. The flexibility of its design allows to activate the transmission of these data from different programmable conditions: motion detection, change in the lighting level or every certain time interval. In addition to geolocation, data such as temperature, motion detection, lighting level, and many others can be transmitted when the corresponding sensor technology is connected to the device, e. g. humidity sensors, pushbuttons or door status detectors.

With this device SALICRU, through this award, shows the permanently innovative character of COFME companies, offering its customers a gateway to digital transformation.

The COFME Group consists of eight Spanish leading manufacturers in the field of electrical equipment: APOLO, DAISALUX, EGI, FERMAX, SACI, SALICRU, SODECA and SOFAMEL.



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