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SOFAMEL: efficient renewable energy production

SOFAMEL: efficient renewable energy production

SOFAMEL, COFME’s specialist in safety and connection, presents its new solar optimizers SCF/OPT-460W and SCF/OPT-600W.

The SCF/OPT-460W and SCF/OPT-600W solar optimizers minimize losses in a PV system, thus increasing its efficiency. They are especially useful for systems affected by partial shading, such as trees or nearby structures. The overall performance of the system is improved by optimizing the energy output of each solar panel.

They provide a longer life for the PV system, as they enable a balanced energy production between panels, which helps to extend the life of components such as inverters and the solar panels themselves.

Flexibility in system design is another benefit of these devices, as they allow installations with different orientations, tilt angles and shading. They also facilitate the addition of panels without having to replace or upgrade existing components in the installation.

SOFAMEL comes in two models: SCF/OPT-460W and SCF/OPT-600W, with output powers of 460W and 600W respectively. Both comply with IEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-3 and CE marking.

The COFME Group consists of seven Spanish leading manufacturers in the field of electrical equipment: CELO, DAISALUX, SACI, SALICRU, SODECA, SOFAMEL and SOLERA.



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